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JSC "Corporation of development of the Far East" according to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 30.04.2015 No. 432 performs the functions of managing territories of priority development and free port of Vladivostok in the far Eastern Federal district. Currently in the far Eastern Federal district established subsidiaries and representative offices of JSC "CRD". The Corporation is working to expand the list of services provided by investors services, development and introduction of new mechanisms to support business in the far East of Russia.

the Sole shareholder of JSC "CRD" is the Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of the Russian Federation on development of the Far East.

the Mission of JSC "Corporation of development of the Far East"

Practical participation in the creation of favorable conditions for doing business in the far East, assisting in the realization of competitive advantages of far Eastern region and the creation on the territories of its presence in new business areas, applying for leadership positions in the scale of the Asia-Pacific region.


JSC "Corporation of development of the Far East" was created in order to create favourable financial and administrative conditions for the arrival and business development in the region. The Corporation also aims to create new jobs and population growth, the development of production and services with high added value, increasing revenues to the budgets of regions of the Far East and the profits of commercial companies.

To achieve the goals of JSC "Corporation of development of the Far East" solves a number of tasks and creation of appropriate business infrastructure at the sites of TOR, created under the SPV TOR and hi-tech industries and the support of investors in "one window".

as part of an integrated investment support THOR and the SPV, JSC "Corporation of development of the Far East", rent or lease resident land and helps to solve the administrative problems of a wide range. JSC "CRDW" may represent and protect the interests of the person making it to the residents of TOR and SPV in court.




• 最初の0年間の所得税5%,次の5年間で12%(税の地域分の特典はロシア連邦構成主体によって確立される)

• 地税 最初の3年間で0%(特権は地方自治体によって確立されている)
• 最初の5年間の財産税0% 次の5年間は2.2%以内
• 統一社会税 30%から7.6%に削減 PFRF、SIFRF、FCMIFへの保険料

• クオーターを問わず、外国労働力の取得(その部分は先行発展領域の取締役会 に定められる)
• 検査期間の短縮

• 設立されたインフラストラクチャー
• プロジェクト実施のための土地の提供
• 投資家向きの「ワン・ウィンドウー」
• 自由通関区域手続きを適用する可能
• 運営会社において、裁判所において入居者の利益を保護する権利

Information on the FPV


5 地域, 22 地方自治体 ウラジオストク自由港の領域

• 最初の0年間の所得税5%, 次の5年間で12%(税の地域分の特典はロシア連邦構成主体によって確立される)
• 地税 最初の3年間で0%(特権は地方自治体によって確立されている)
• 最初の5年間の財産税0%, 次の5年間は2.2%以内
• 統一社会税 30%から7.6%に削減 PFRF、SIFRF、FCMIFへの保険料

• クオーターを問わず、外国労働力の取得
• 検査期間の短縮
• オークションせず、敷地を賃借する可能
• 投資家のための「ワン・ヴィンドウ」レジム
• 自由通関区域手続きを適用する可能
• 運営会社の裁判所において入居者の利益を保護する権利