VSK Insurance House has been carrying out insurance activities since February 11, 1992 and currently occupies a leading position in the Russian insurance market. 

"In recognition of the high standards of its work, the company has received three awards of gratitude from the President of Russia for its great contribution to the development of the insurance business. VSK is a three-time winner of the national Company of the Year Competition (2013, 2015 and 2018) in the Insurance Company category. More than 200 types of modern insurance service. More than 500,000 enterprises and organizations are insured by VSK. Its conditions for the insurance of collateralized property are in full compliance with the requirements of banks and the availability of special software allows clients to enter into insurance contracts directly in a branch of a partner bank when applying for a loan. Services: - liability and risk insurance (liability of developers, hazardous production work and facilities, liability for work or services, civil liability in connection with the implementation of economic activities and the operation of property) - property insurance, including various types of hazards at work - insurance of leasing operations."

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