Participants of the international conference discussed the prospects for the development of energy in the Arctic and the Far East

7 March 2023

The Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic (FEDC) took part in the VIII International Conference "The Arctic - 2023" ("The Arctic: Sustainable Development"), held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in Moscow.

During the discussion dedicated to the energy security of the regions of the Far North and the Far East, Maxim Gubanov, head of the energy sector of the FEDC, noted the fundamental importance of state support for projects for the modernization of distributed power generation facilities, taking into account their social significance, on the one hand, and due to the low investment attractiveness of these projects for business.

The technical and economic aspects of the modernization of energy facilities were also discussed: the active introduction of renewable energy sources (solar and wind energy), the creation of hybrid and gas turbine power plants, low-capacity nuclear power plants (including floating nuclear power plants) in the Arctic regions of Russia, and the development of hydrogen energy.

The fundamental importance of using domestic technologies, Russian element base and domestic software in the construction of power plants and their modernization was emphasized.

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